Jeff Howell: Accountability Group Mindset!

Accountability Group Mindset!

Hey, everybody. How’s it going? This is Jeff Howell coming at you with another Mindset Monday. And I know that you guys are probably dropping into your accountability groups. It’s been a few weeks and I hope you guys are in the chats and jelling with each other, coming up with your goals and to do’s and the different things that you want to accomplish over this quarter. And I found that accountability groups are invaluable in moving forward in my life and just building a stronger mindset. Overall. Probably ten years ago I had an accountability partner and we used to call each other every morning at seven or 7:38 a.m.. I can’t remember for about a year we did that and it was just a quick five minute check in. What are the six things you’re going to accomplish today and kind of how you’re feeling, what you’re grateful for? And so that’s kind of how we teed it up. And we did that for a long time and it really built that kind of habit. And the reps that I needed to be able to do that on my own and just continuously keep myself accountable. Now. So one of the things about setting goals in general in these accountability groups is so that you can see yourself at the end. And I’ve mentioned Joseph Rodriguez quite a few times on these Mindset Mondays. He is a go to for me as far as my mindset and the entrepreneurial mindset in general.

And he says, you see yourself at the end so that you can assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. So if you look back into some of these texts like Napoleon Hill and Neville Goddard and some of these other guys, that these texts were around 100 years, around 100 years ago, like thinking grow rich and all of that. And they say the same thing. You know, it’s it’s all about feeling into that wish that you want to see brought forth. And so I think setting these goals in the structure of an accountability group is going to give you a huge head start. And if you haven’t ever done things like this, it’s going to give you an opportunity to kind of see and more importantly, feel what that’s like. So if you see the world as if this goal of yours is already in your reality, then you’re going to make a mental commitment to take the actions along the way that are going to see it brought forth. So that’s kind of the way that those guys think about it. And if you think about like people talking about flow and people talking about mindset, it’s like you see athletes especially, you know, they’re out there visualizing the shots that they take over and over and over again. Artists do the same thing. They’re visualizing this canvas full of whatever creation that they’re determined to to bring forth.

And and then they set forth the work on the path to make it so. So if it’s like I’m going to hit ten, three point shots in the next game, then they better be practicing that a lot before that game. If they’re going to make this canvas into this amazing work of art and it’s got specific details attached to what they’re trying to to make it, then they better be doing the work along the way to be able to get the right colors in the paint and all these challenges. These are all challenges, right? So I think less often people sort of associate this same process to the entrepreneurial journey, and that’s kind of where I’m at. You know, I always want to bring flow and the the the kind of stair step, the mindset into setting a goal, seeing these challenges that come up, pushing myself through those challenges, by getting skills, by delegating, by whatever the solution is that I can come up with, and then moving closer and closer towards seeing that goal become reality. And sometimes the goal shifts, right? It’s a moving target. Sometimes it’s not always just a linear well, it’s never a linear thing, but even with goals, you might get halfway to the goal that you thought was going to be right for you. And then something happens. Maybe you’ve expanded your mindset and that goal is too small for you.

Or maybe you want to pivot completely because maybe the people or the idea that that goal had involved with it is not something that you want to pursue or people that you want to be involved with. So so there’s all of those things that can come up. But once you set the goal, like I was saying, your your your system, your central nervous system is going to, to some degree hold you accountable for taking the actions that are going to be necessary to get there. So how do you get there overall, Like I said, you come up against these challenges and you will have to develop new skills. You’ll have to apply the skills that you already have in new ways and get out of your comfort zone to be able to come up with creative and innovative solutions that are going to allow you to solve problems that you’ve never solved before. This is not unique to you. This is where we are all at, right? We’re all solving new problems in every moment if we’re trying to take action and get anywhere. And to reach the goals that we’ve set out for ourselves. So I would say that, you know, obviously developing skills is always going to be beneficial, but also outsourcing and delegating and then also maybe even like leapfrogging different solutions. If you see a challenge in this business model, you may be able to go way past it by by creating a solution or finding a solution that’s not just delegation, but it’s actually that you’re solving a bigger problem and that one kind of gets wrapped up under it and you don’t have to address it specifically.

So that’s another way to bypass bigger problems. So the main thing I think in these accountability groups is to what I’m trying to get you to realize is that you have a huge advantage by having people who care about you and who care about your success and who are willing to step up to the plate, listen to what you’re trying to accomplish, understand the the skills and different challenges that you have in your own life and that these things are going to be things that they’re going to want to support you through and help you through along the way. So I really encourage everybody who’s doing the accountability groups to figure out how can you support each other? I mean, I can’t tell you how valuable it was and has been in my own accountability to have somebody just hold, you know, holding me responsible. Like you said, you were going to do this and your brain and your mindset isn’t powerful enough to make you take the action to do it. But if somebody else is asking the question, I externalize that and then I try to show up for them, right? And I do this in various ways.

I think I’m a lot better at holding myself accountable these days, you know? But I also I do it for other people in the sense that I know if I don’t accomplish something that I said I was going to accomplish or do what I said that I was going to do, I’m going to have to answer. I’m going to have to hold myself responsible for that. And I don’t want that to happen. I want to I want to create value at all times and deliver value at all times. And that’s what’s going to lead me closer and closer to the goals that I’m trying to accomplish. So I guess that’s probably about it for today. I just wanted to and give you some encouragement from a mindset perspective on the accountability groups and the benefits and how much you guys can support each other and hold each other accountable to reach your goals. And I’d love to see groups of you coming out at the end of this quarter and saying, Wow, we all reached all of our goals. We created this like solid unit. We were supportive of each other, We checked in with each other, we understood what each other’s challenges were. We shared information, we shared resources, we shared solutions. We put our heads together and we made some big things happen.

And here’s how our businesses move forward and here’s the zeros in our bank account to prove it. Like, that’s what I’d love to see. You know, I don’t do this business model alone. You know, I’m working with Patric because I love to work with other people, and I just get more out of working in collaboration. I could do it alone. But, you know, I just again, I love collaboration, and I think that I can get further, faster. And even if that’s just in the sense of an accountability group, it doesn’t mean you have to go into business with somebody else. But if you’re willing to be vulnerable, let them know where you’re at and where you want to go, and they’re of the right mindset, then we’re going to support you along the way and help you get to where you want to go. So I hope that’s helpful. And again, looking forward to see how this plays out with the accountability groups we have in place right now. Leave a comment in the comment section. Let me know where you’re at. Like, how’s your accountability groups going? Do you guys need any help? Do you need to be pushed along somehow? What’s going on? Let us know so we can help you and we will do our best to get you on the right path. All right. See you on the next one peace.

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