Jeff Howell

I Help Entrepreneurs Scale Companies Through

Jeff Howell

Jeff Howell

Attorney | Entrepenuer | Digital Marketer


"Helping Agencies Scale with Mindset Mastery"

Jeff Howell

Jeff Howell

Attorney | Entrepreneur | Digital Marketer


Vision & Mission

"My vision is to push the boundaries of entrepreneurial success through artistic creation and mindset mastery."

As the Director of Strategic Partnerships for LeadSnap, a software company helping digital agencies scale. I’m also an eternal student of personal development creating life by design through entrepreneurship, mindset, and passion.

In 2014, after a decade-long career as a corporate attorney at a Fortune 500 real estate company, I established a consulting company working with corporate mindset and personal development coaches to grow their businesses.

Since then, I’ve shifted my focus to working directly with founders and business owners to scale their companies in diverse industries including software as a service (Saas), digital marketing agencies, and home services.

I’m passionate about using mindset as the foundation for creating connection, abundance, and success for everyone around me.

Jeff Howell


I Understand The Digital Marketing Mindset

After years of working with personal development and mindset coaches, I’ve realized that mindset is the most important factor that dictates entrepreneurial success. Today, I work with digital marketers and entrepreneurs to help them optimize their mindset, impact, and success both personally and professionally. If you’re an agency owner seeking to scale your agency while learning and growing personally, I’d love to help you build the life and lifestyle of your dream. 

Unlock Your Next Level Of Growth


Rank Masters is the complete agency growth system. We help you build repeatable and scaleable growth while providing personal freedom through agency mastery.

Everything You Need To Scale Your Agency!

We will work with you to create a custom game plan that will lay out exactly what to do next.

Jeff Howell and Patric Shannon

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ThoughtCast For Digital Marketers to drop into mindset, entrepreneurship, and growth in business and life. Scale your digital agency!


Mindset & Thoughtcasts

Continuous growth is the only path to staying relevant while making an impact on your family and community.

Every week for a year, I recorded an episode for my thoughtcast called Mindset Monday,  which is posted in our Facebook group for digital marketers and users of LeadSnap software. The series is also available on Spotify and Youtube. 

I recorded this series to keep myself accountable and inspire others to use mindset as the most valuable tool on the entrepreneurial journey.

Take a listen and let me know if you resonate with any of these mindset concepts!


Epic Mind Visions

On my newest podcast series, we explore entrepreneurship, metaphysics, the law of attraction, and the power of frequency and vibration on the entrepreneurial journey.

Each episode offers insights and strategies for personal and professional growth, taking a deep dive into how our thoughts shape our reality. My intention is to unlock our potential and align with universal energies, using business and entrepreneurship as a catalyst for spiritual growth. 


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Speaking Topics

I’m passionate about the cross-over between mindset, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. 

If you’re interested in exposing your audience to perspectives and tools that will allow them to thrive in the fast-paced world of digital marketing, let’s talk!

Jeff Howell