I don’t need to use 12 different products in the morning when I am attempting to get out the door. I love Dial, it lathers really thick and just feels like your pampering yourself.

I also hope my post helps you navigate the overwhelming skincare world so you can put your best face forward. Although, my aim is really to not look older or tired, while a lot of people may think I look younger. I take the time to care for my skin so it looks clear and hopefully won’t need a face lift some day. Double your ponytail volume by creating not one but TWO ponies.

An oldie but a goodie.

You’ll be amazed by how soft your skin feels in the morning, So if the ponytails are need to shave your legs and ‘pits. Hair conditioner makes an excellent substitute. No worries. I’m sure that the creamier, the better the conditioner will soften the hair and make it just as easy to get a close shave. Just apply your lipstick as normal, and clamp your lips around your index finger and slide it out, with intention to prevent the dreaded ‘lipstick on your teeth’ scenario. Judging from dozens of the redish carpet photos we see here at Beauty Editor, quite a few celebrities still don’t know this hack! Simply mix your blush and lip balm gether on the back of your hand and dab on your lips for a flattering, custom shade!

It makes a gorgeous, natural lip tint, since you know that your blush flatters your skin tone. You can use either powder or cream blushes. There’re 28 beauty hacks that I swear by. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or if you have a hack or two of your personal! Wish your ponytail wasn’t so wimpy? Notice, the trick is to create not one but TWO ponies. I’m sure you heard about this. Scroll down to watch my video below, in order to see all these hacks in action.

I did makeup on many faces while working at MAC and doing bridal makeup on the weekends, right after intending to school at the makeup Designory.

Since you’re only using about half the amount that you normally would, you also will save a n of foundation.

Did you guys know that I started my career as a makeup artist? Mixing your foundation with moisturizer or face oil also gives you a natural finish that won’t get cakey throughout the day. To be honest I wanted to share a few beauty hacks that I’ve used over the years, as a trained Makeup Artist. Now look. Needless to say, after so many years of doing makeup on nearly each possible skin tone and face shape, I’ve learned a few tricks! I was a Freelance Makeup Artist, before becoming a Beauty Blogger and a YouTuber. This is the case. Submerge your fingertips in cold water for at least 30 seconds.