Jeff Howell: Gaining Clarity To Overcome Challenges!

Gaining Clarity To Overcome Challenges!

Hey, everybody, this is Jeff Howell coming at you with another edition of Mindset Mondays. And today I am still in Florida and I’m feeling a lot of momentum and energy behind what I’m doing in my business and in my life and letting all of those things flow together. So this has a lot to do with mindset. I mean, I’ve been through my own journey. We all have our own journeys, but I have decided to craft the kind of life for myself that I want. And to do that, I’ve had to get really clear on what those things are that I want in my life. And so there’s a bunch of different ways that you can do that. You can ask yourself the right questions along the way. It might be a little bit different for each one of us, but there are models that you can follow, and I find these clarifying questions to be the most important things. I get a lot of clarity from journaling and then just listening to people who can kind of put out like journal prompts and things like that that allow me to ask questions in a way that give me far more awareness and perspective on my life than I may have had before. So the thing that you can realize if you’re not aware of is that, you know, the journey. If they say the it’s about the journey, not the destination. Well, there’s so much truth to that, because on your entrepreneurial journey or in your life journey in general, you’re going to face challenges.

It’s inevitable. And I think that the mindset that I’d like to convey to you today is really just about having a perspective on those challenges that are, number one, understanding that they’re inevitable. There’s no way to avoid it. If you’re trying to do anything, you’re going to proactively run into challenge. And if you’re trying to avoid challenges, there’s going to be potentially a magnified version of that challenge that’s going to come and strike you at a time when you least expect it and you’re at least prepared for it. So, number one, understanding that those challenges are inevitable, and number two, understanding that those challenges are what gives you the catalyst for the growth in your life that you’re going to be able to that you’re going to be able to use to get to the place where you want to be, in other words, the vision that you have for yourself. And so these are this is a path and a journey to personal and professional growth where you can continuously build the skills that you need to get to the place that you want to be and become the person that you want to become. So there is a model by his name is Robert Dilts and it’s called the logical levels. So I got this from a guy named Joseph Rodriguez who breaks down a lot of this stuff and you can hear the language thing in the way that I present this information is a lot of what I get from Joseph Rodriguez.

He’s amazing and I’ve really learned a lot from him. But this model in particular that he goes over is called the Robert Dilts model logical levels. And so basically it’s breaking down each area of your life and you can you can keep it simple and say, well, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical and just keep it at those for and run through. The Robert Dilts model is spirituality, identity, values and beliefs, capabilities or competence and then behaviors and then finally environment. So the idea that’s presented is that when you get clear about what you want to see brought forth in each of those areas of your life, then you can weave them together into subconscious mind programming, which is, you know, affirmation statements and things like that, and journaling and writing out exactly what you would like your life to be and what you would like your life to look at. So in the spirituality category, it’s that vision, the goal or vision that you want to see brought forth in your life, because that’s the full expression. What are you going to use your life force energy for? Are you going to use it because you want a Lamborghini, or are you going to use it because you want to make an impact on the people around you, your friends, your family, your your children, your your employees, your clients like? Well, what does that look like? I mean, that that all kind of is rolled up into sort of the spiritual aspect of not religious, but the spirituality of what you’re doing with your your soul and your for your life force on this planet and then identity in becoming one with your identity.

So that’s becoming. To a point where you can accept yourself for who you are, the skills that you have, where you’re at in life, and to be able to build upon that in a more powerful way so that you can continue to move forward towards building the identity and a life that you want for yourself. Values and beliefs. This gives you clues to your identity and helps you understand along the way. So that is what can change. Help you identify what needs to be changed that may be misaligned from where you are as far as the values and beliefs that you have today versus the vision that you have for yourself. This is where the dissonance is going to is going to be identified because you have the vision and then it’s like all of a sudden you say, Oh, well, I don’t have this. I’m not I’m not confident enough or I don’t have the kind of creative mindset to get through those problems and to find innovative solutions to the problems and challenges that are going to inevitably come up, like those types of things.

So that’s going to reveal the dissonance or distance that you have between the vision of who you want to be versus who you are. And then capabilities. What are those skills that you’re going to need to have to become this person that you want to be? If you want to build a seven figure agency, you’re going to need public speaking skills, or at least sales skills. Public speaking skills are definitely wrapped up into that leadership skills. You’re going to need technical skills. You’re going to need human resources, management skills. You’re to run a business. You need a holistic skill set that you’re going to, no matter where you are, develop from scratch or improve upon what you have from where you are now and then. Behaviors. What are the ideals of the behaviors that you would have to continue to be able to build these skills to change the beliefs and build the skills that you need to see the vision. So all of this stuff is wrapped up and then the environment and by the ideal environment, it’s like, is your environment one that is encouraging you and your vision to continue to be able to support you in the on the path to realizing that vision. So in other words, where are you? What are you doing? This is sort of your environment. Who are you with? Picture that in your head.

And when you picture that, you’re going to need to have those people and places and things in your life that want to support you. On realizing this vision If you don’t, then those are the types of things that you can be very clear about and be clear about that. Well, that’s where the change needs to happen. You see what I’m saying? So if I were around a bunch of people who were not supportive of my vision, that would inhibit my ability to reach that vision, those goals in that vision, if I were in a place that was not supportive, I didn’t have the right tools around me, the right computer, the wi fi, all these things, right? So that’s sort of the environment. So you can set up goals for each one of these areas. Again, spirituality, identity, values and beliefs, capabilities and competence, behaviors and environment. You can write these down and just journal about each one of them to get that clarity. You could journal on it for a day, a week, an hour, a month, whatever it takes to kind of get that clarity and really nail down the direction that you want to go with your life. So once you get these, all these ideas laid down, then you can start to weave them together into like positive affirmation statements. Like in business, you could you could write, I have a business that earns a lavish, steady, dependable income. I earn X number of dollars a month and I am president of the company.

So you could write an affirmation statement like that in part or or all of that, and you could expand upon it in any way that you want for like identity again, like just writing out, Where are you? Who are you with? What do you love to do? All of those things and say, I am in this place. I am with these types of people and this is what we are doing. And we’re doing all of this to benefit the path towards the vision that I am trying to create for myself. So that’s kind of how that works down, is my notes here. And then that’s kind of what I wanted to relate to you. There’s a bunch of affirmation statements that I have written down. Here’s a bigger one that I’ll read to you so you can just kind of like get get a sense of what the bigger the bigger picture vision of this is. So I realized that this journey. Words, My vision is as valuable as the goals and the destination. So therefore I enjoy the journey. And by taking the steps that I need to take. Journaling, having a morning routine. Reading, learning more about myself, building skills and business that support me in the various areas of my personal and professional life. And all of this is done from a place of flow. So. You can get more specific about material objects.

You can be very general about it. You can say, I drive this type of car, I live in this type of house. This is the decorations that I have in the house. This is the art that I have on the wall. These are the types of floors that I have, like whatever you can go into as much detail as you want. This is my my personal relationship. Like, this is who I’m married to. These are the kids that I have. And these things are all just planting all of these seeds in your subconscious mind that eventually will grow in one form or the other. The thing that you must realize is that most of this, whatever it is that you’re planting in your subconscious mind, will not come to forth in the time or in the way of your choosing, but you are constantly heading in that positive direction, course correction along the way, and you’re going to continue to learn and grow and expand your vision over time in a way that you are going to reach a destination that I think you’re going to find, especially if you really tap into the joy of the journey itself, is going to be very gratifying for you and you’re going to have a lot of gratitude for it, and therefore you’re going to find a lot more of those things showing up in your life. Because once your subconscious mind, the subconscious mind is running the show, which is all this mental chatter in your conscious mind is is basically just projecting what’s in your subconscious.

So if you can plant these seeds and reprogram the subconscious, then your subconscious is always looking for these things that you plant, these people that you’re thinking about, this business, that you’re trying to create, these places that where you want to be, these experiences that you want to be having. Like I just dropped those videos about skydiving, so I didn’t particularly want to skydive. I didn’t have like a big thing about it or wanted to do it for my whole life or have a bucket list. Like I don’t have any of that. But I met a guy about a year ago at an event and we connected right away and he’s a big skydiver. And I was like, Wow, he seems like he’s having a blast with it. And he has a really amazing perspective on it as far as personal development and growth. And he sees that as an expansive way or a way to expand his mindset. Like, I skydive with him because I want that in my life. So that was over a year ago and here I am in Florida with him skydiving. So I planted that seed in my subconscious mind over a year ago and a lot of things have happened in the last year. But here I am realizing that vision that I desire to see brought forth.

You see what I’m saying? So it wasn’t like, Oh, it has to happen today. It has to happen in specifically the way that I wanted it to or that I had originally envisioned it. But here I am. So that’s kind of the idea. So that’s a lot of a lot of the stuff that is mindset related is really, in my opinion, about understanding how to get clarity on the vision that you want for yourself and to courageously and consistently take the steps that you need to get there. Because those are the steps that are going to unveil the the challenges that are going to that are going to test your commitment to that journey and to that vision. And that is really where you’re going to find the personal growth and allow you to find opportunities and ideas and solutions to challenges that nobody else can. You you’re your solutions to to different challenges are unique from everyone else’s. And by being able to do that, you’re going to succeed in your own way and again, kind of make progress towards that vision. So that’s all I have for you today. And I look forward to doing more of these. And it helps me clarify my own vision and keeps me accountable for what I’m doing in my own life to continue to learn and grow in these ways. So thanks a lot and I will talk to you soon and take care.

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