Dan Martell's Saas Academy

Dan Martell is an amazing entrepreneur and Saas coach that I’m grateful to learn from. Dan’s mindset, skillset, and experience levels are all off the charts. 

Jeff Howell and Dan Martell
Jeff Howell Saas Academy
Jeff Howell and Dan Martell Buy Back Your Time
Jeff Howell and Marcel Petitpas
Dan Martell Saas Academy
Jeff Howell and Patric Shannon at Saas Academy
Jeff Howell Saas Community

Aleric Heck - Ad Outreach

Aleric is the undisputed YouTube Ads Master! 

Jeff Howell Aleric Heck
Jeff Howell Saas Community

Traffic and Funnels

Traffic and Funnels was based in Nashville and run by Taylor Welch and Chris Evans. I was fortunate enough to spend some time in their mastermind and met amazing people and grew exponentially through the experience. Many of the entrepreneurs I met in TF have become amazing friends and business contacts. 


Jeff Howell Patric Shannon Gabe Ryan
Jeff Howell with Patric and Fernanda Shannon