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Best Wedding Day Makeup Ideas

There’s one issue you can definitely count on, you may not be able to predict weather on your wedding day. We asked makeup pro, Laura Geller to weigh in on excellencies of wearing waterproof formulas, intention to keep you from capturing mascara tracks in your wedding snaps. While emoting at some point during your celebration is like a rite of passage for almost any bride, just go with it, either way. There’s however one small problem those sobs can produce. You see, you might just surprise yourself, if you’ll shed a few drops or go allout waterworks probably depends...

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How To Make Homemade Lipstick

Lipstick is one of the most important beauty products on your makeup kit as it helps put emphasis on your natural beauty and bring out your self-confidence. Whether you are going out for your normal daily activity, putting on lipstick that perfectly fit to your personality and attire is absolutely important. Sad to say, lipstick with popular brand on the market today can come with very high price tag. The good thing is it’s very much possible to whip up your own lipstick at home. By making your own lipstick you will not only save money but you will...

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Things You Can Actually Do With Your Lipstick

I don’t need to use 12 different products in the morning when I am attempting to get out the door. I love Dial, it lathers really thick and just feels like your pampering yourself. I also hope my post helps you navigate the overwhelming skincare world so you can put your best face forward. Although, my aim is really to not look older or tired, while a lot of people may think I look younger. I take the time to care for my skin so it looks clear and hopefully won’t need a face lift some day. Double your...

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Expert Tips For The Beginners In Makeup

Glide on your newly made gel liner for an instantly smudgier formula. a tinted moisturizer can be perfect choice as a make up base in this season of chill. It will also hide all the flaws of the skin while making it appear even toned, as apart from providing the ‘much needed’ moisture. Try using ‘white gold’ colour on your eyes or do up your hair in a messy bun or braid, suggests Bharti Taneja, ‘founder director’ of ALPS Beauty Group. Highlight on the eyebrow bones using a whitish gold colour as well as apply hints of it on...

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Life Changing Makeup Tricks Almost Any Woman Should Know

THIS STUFF STINKS TOO!!! Biologique deserves a lengthy review as it’s expensive AF and no one must go into a pricey beauty investment blind… unless that investment is vajazzling in which case yes please, and where can I get it done? I was skeptical to say to least. Almost any makeup artist, aesthetician, and beauty editor supports this claim with an almost suspicious amount of enthusiasm. This is tocase. Lotion P50 is top-notch toner, Therefore if Crème de La Mer is top-notch moisturizer on planet earth. Of course, new York Magazine called it, Jesus In a Bottle. There’re a...

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