Jeff Howell: SELF BEAT Reprogram your mind!

SELF BEAT Reprogram your mind!

Hey, guys. How’s it going? This is Jeff coming at you with another mindset Monday. And today I wanted to talk a little bit about what to say when you talk to yourself. So there’s a book of the same title that came out many years ago, and I don’t remember ever reading the book itself, but I definitely got tuned into how I was talking to myself by another mentor who talked about it in the framework of self beat. So the way she taught it was that if you recognize when you’re beating yourself up, then you can reprogram those patterns because the first thing that you think about in sort of the way that you talk to yourself is the way that you are programmed. And the next step that is in that process is how you’re going to react to that or potentially even reprogram that initial patterning that you’ve that you’ve been programmed with. So you have a huge opportunity here. And when I first got exposed to it about maybe eight or ten years ago, I had no idea the way I was talking to myself. I mean, it was crazy when I really intentionally started recognizing those moments and the things that I said to myself and the way that I reacted to certain situations was just unbelievable. I couldn’t believe the way I was talking to myself. It was so negative.

A lot of the times, again, I just had no idea that was even happening. And so once I started to uncover these ways that I was talking to myself, these patterns of thinking, these patterns of dialogue that I was having, then I could start kind of like infusing and saying, No, that’s not that’s not the truth. That’s not the way this is. And then infuse a different way of sort of different perspective on that type of a situation so that as I moved forward in my life, then I could not only consistently disrupt those initial programming patterns, but I could also reprogram them with even more with more positive patterns and then even further along the way. The more that I did this, the more confidence that I got and the more that I believed in myself along the way. So then I was able to reprogram those things over and over again to get even more and more up leveled power out of it. So this was really has been life changing and it took a little while to get it to where I really started seeing the benefit. But I started recognizing it right away, like it didn’t take long for me to be able to uncover those patterns. And then I also went into a lot of forgiveness around how I was talking to myself because I started meditating and journaling on, Well, why do I say that thing to myself? Why am I framing this thing so negative? Like, what is it? What was it in my life that caused me to create this pattern and program to begin with? And by thinking through it, meditating on it, journaling about it, it allowed me to dig into those deeper experiences and traumas in my in my past in that or really like locked into my energetic system and start to transmute those energetic patterns.

So then the more that I reprogrammed and re pattern with this new language around my, around my situation and who I am and the confidence that I have in myself around who how I’m showing up in the world, it just had this exponential effect and just built upon itself over time so that I was able to get past a lot of fears, a lot of negative programming, a lot of self imposed limitations or limitations that I had from the programming itself. Again, that I didn’t even recognize it was in place. And so then now I can look back on it in a deeper level and say, Well, why didn’t I ever get to this point in my career? Why didn’t I ever get to have a relationship in this way or a financial situation in this other way? And I can relate that back to the patterns themselves and recognize that it was in Def.

It was definitely those patterns that were holding me back from moving forward and showing up in the way that would allow those things that I really wanted to show up for myself. Even though I would have these big goals, I would have these big dreams. It’s like that underlying programming limited me, so I wasn’t able to bring those things forth until I transmuted that programming and reprogram. So again, this has been a powerful process for me over time, and it was how do you how do you how do you what do you say when you talk to yourself? Great book. I believe I’ve read a summary about it at one point. I don’t remember actually reading the book, but the self beat concept was so much easier for me to understand and recognize those patterns as like. Beating myself up instead of just taking it for. Well, what do you say when you talk to yourself? You could say this, that or the other, but actually coming from the perspective of recognize those patterns in real time when you’re beating yourself up like that was way more powerful for me to implement in the moment and start deconstructing those patterns very quickly. So whichever path works for you, take both paths. But if you have never dove into anything like this, I think you’ll find it to be mind blowing.

And if you have, think about some of the things that I mentioned, if there’s different aspects of it that you haven’t thought about before, because it’s just awareness. In my experience, like all of these things and learning different mindsets, new mindsets, new ways to think about things, it’s all just about awareness. It’s like I can think back ten years ago where I was and why I wasn’t. Where I am now back then is just because I didn’t have the awareness around my situation. I didn’t have the awareness around how what I wanted, the clarity I wanted, and the clarity about what I wanted in the world and all of these types of things. So as you become more aware and think through these things, they will reveal themselves and then you build the tools to work through them and transmute them. Continue to learn and grow in your own personal and professional life so that you can create the life that you want. So I hope this helps. It’s again been very, very powerful for me to work through this process in my own life, and I hope the same for you. I wish you great success in your business. If you have any comments, please put your comments in a comment section and we’ll see you on the next one. All right. Peace.

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