Jeff Howell: Honor The Challenge, Recognize The Opportunity

Mindset Monday - July 11, 2022

Honor The Challenge, Recognize The Opportunity

Hey, everybody. How’s it going? This is Jeff Howell coming at you with another Mindset Monday. And today I want to talk a little bit about honoring the challenge or honoring the opportunity. And this is sort of flipping the script on the saying honor the struggle. And I really have had to reprogram myself against all of the programming that I got that struggle, difficulty working hard to get anywhere. Like all of these things were the way that I grew up and the way that I was taught. And now I don’t see things that way. Now I see things that everything is an opportunity. Everything is a challenge that is going to help me grow. There is no failure. I’m either going to learn something or I’m going to win. And the reason this is coming up for me so viscerally right now is because the last couple of weeks have been very challenging with myself and for myself and several people who are close to me and just dealing with some really difficult things loss, business challenges, different things like that that are real challenges. But I just so believe that all of these things are bigger opportunities to help us learn and grow and to become better, and that everything after we get through this part of the chat, the challenge, part of things, that it’s going to end up making our lives better. So I just really believe that. And there’s a quote that I heard decades ago, and it just it always stuck with me is ship is safest at harbor, but that’s not what it’s built for.

And I believe that not only myself, but all of us are built for to be seaworthy. Right. And we’re built to weather the storms were built to weather the waves that are coming at us at all times. But we have to stay centered and grounded. And I think the things that I’ve gone through, the challenges that I’ve gone through in the past and the the tools and the skills and the wisdom that have come from those challenges is what allows me to be centered and grounded in times like these when things can go a little off track and when in the past I know that I would have been completely spun out about one or many of these things put together that now I do have the resilience to weather those storms and to continue to learn and grow and to get through things faster and to complete that cycle. You know, it’s like we’re in a comfort zone and then we’re confronted with something that is bigger than we’ve ever been through before or something that is different from from what we’ve ever been through before. And then through that, we have to step up to that challenge. We have to overcome that challenge, and then we get the wisdom and the resilience on the other side of that so that we can continue to learn and grow for the long term.

So I’m going to keep it a little short today just because there’s been it has been a very challenging couple of weeks. But I just want to remind all of you, because some of you reach out to me and you’re telling me about your own business challenges. And I take that all seriously. And, you know, I definitely put this approach into my responses is I believe in you guys. You know, I believe in myself. I believe in you guys. And the more that you believe in yourself, the more the people around you will be able to encourage you to get past your own challenges and to help you grow as individuals personally and to grow your businesses, which is what we’re all here for. So I appreciate you watching and again, honor the challenge and recognize the opportunity, I guess is a better way to put it, honor the challenge and recognize the opportunities that are coming up in every moment for you to learn and grow. Because like again, in my opinion, that’s what we’re here for. We’re here to learn and grow. So leave your comments below. Let me know what you think. And if this strikes you and you’re going through some challenge that I can help you with, feel free to reach out and just keep going out and and learning and growing because that’s where the magic happens. All right. Take care. Have a great one.