Jeff Howell: Alex Hormozi Sales Mindset!

Mindset Monday - October 3, 2022

Alex Hormozi Sales Mindset!

Hey, everybody. How’s it going? This is Jeff coming at you with another mindset Monday. And this mindset Monday is going to be based on a presentation I saw by Alex Hormozi last week in San Diego at the Trafficking Conversion Summit in San Diego. It was an amazing conference. We had an amazing time. We had a booth. I made amazing connections. We had a bunch of people from the lead Snap Gang come out and support us, which was awesome. Thanks to everyone who showed up and just built some really great relationships and connections with people all the way around. But this one presentation actually Logan Paul spoke also, and even though I don’t really have a huge connection to him in his career, you know, the things that he said were pretty amazing. But when Alex Hormozi spoke, he spoke more about the sales process and the sales mindset. So I thought that would be a lot more relevant to what we talk about here on Mindset Monday. So what he was saying was that you should compete on value, not price. So you can always increase the value, but you can’t always reduce the price. Like you can only go so low on price, but you can, you know, the amount of value that you can provide is pretty much infinite. So compete on value. And then the second point that he made was charge as much as you can without cracking a smile.

In other words, the perceived value that you’re requesting from your prospect is based on the price that you quote and you can quote a really high price, and that’s going to give you a lot more credibility than if you’re quoting a much lower price because the perceived value is going to be much higher. So not that you should overcharge your clients, but that may be getting a lot more clear on the value that you’re providing. Make a list all of the things that you provide above and beyond other lead generators. Like for us in our agency, we always say we are 100% exclusive to you. These leads aren’t going to anyone else. That’s a that’s a value point. And not every lead generator can say that. We also say we don’t do contracts. That means we’re in alignment, that if we don’t deliver the leads, you don’t pay. And if you don’t pay, we don’t deliver the leads that we’re in alignment, right? So that’s a value. That’s something that you can even oversell and say, look, this is no big deal, right? You’re paying this price because we have this aligned relationship where we have to deliver or we’re not going to get paid. So that’s a huge motivation for us, right? And so that’s another value point. Another value point is that all of our leads are high intent, meaning for us anyway, we don’t do ads.

All of our leads, organic, high intent. They’re going to Google raising their hand and saying, I want this service today. Right? So that’s a that’s another value point. Another value point is the reporting that you can get in lead SNAP, for example, that the white labeling, you can white label your agency and provide reporting to your clients. That’s a value point. So all these things add up over the the the actual package of services that you’re delivering to amount to something that is more that’s worth more money than your average lead generator. That’s just going to be maybe making the phone ring and not have any other contact, maybe try to put them under contract, maybe going to be sharing leads, whatever. So all those things are value propositions that you can compete on rather than competing on price. And then finally, one of the mindset, it’s more of like a sales tactic and it’s kind of what is it is a mindset kind of approach where when you’re prospecting your client prospect them as if it’s the younger you, the younger version of you and you’re trying to convince this younger version of you that they need to do something that you know is right for them. And that means that you have to know that, that you are right for the client.

That doesn’t mean that you’re trying to sell somebody that is not right for you. But when you know they’re right for you, sell them from the standpoint in the mindset that you’re talking to that younger version of you and you’re trying to get them to do something that you know is going to be amazing for them, you know, the long term results of that, because you’ve already lived it, you’ve lived through it, and you know the value that that’s going to provide to them over the lifetime of the relationship. So talk to them that way and say, look, this is the this could be the most important decision you make in your business to work with me because I’m in it to win it. And I know that I’m going to provide this value for you and I know that I’m going to be able to help you grow your business. And I know that I’ve seen other people in the market. I’ve seen the other solutions out there, and I know that they’re not going to give you what you need. I know that I’m the best option for you at this point in time. Now, that means you have to have a whole discussion with them to identify where they’re at in their business model and all of those things so that you can make sure that you are that.

But once you’ve determined that they are a good fit client, this mindset of this convincing, this younger version of yourself, I think is an amazing perspective to take. And I’m definitely going to use it myself because I know that it’s going to give me that edge in the conversation, that confidence that is going to move the needle with the client or the prospect to close the deal and and have them be a good client for me. So those are my takeaways from Alex Mosey. I think that he is an amazing business guy, and the way that he broke this down was just super simple. It was really easy to understand. There were other concepts that he offered, but those were kind of the top three. So I wanted to relay those to you. And if you have any feedback, let me know in the comments. If you follow Alex or you maybe have learned other lessons for him that I didn’t mention, like drop those in the comments because I think this kind of an approach and perspective is super valuable for all of us. So I hope that you had a good week and everything is going good in your business and I look forward to seeing you on the Wednesday call and we’ll see you there. All right. Please take care.