Jeff Howell: Yearly Review! Step Into 2023!

Yearly Review! Step Into 2023!

Hey, everybody. How’s it going? This is Jeff coming at you with another mindset Monday. I hope you had an amazing Christmas and holidays last week. This coming week is such a perfect week because we have starting today, on Monday, we go all the way through. The week is the final days of 2022 and then Saturday night is New Year’s Eve and Sunday starts the beginning of the year. We have one extra day after that to kind of rest and prepare ourselves. And then on January 2nd, it’s Monday, we’re going to start 2023 and we’re going to be able to rock and roll. So in this last week of the year, what I’m doing is I’m setting such an amazing and intention for 2023. And the way that I’m doing that is I’m going to go back through 2022 and journal about all of the wins that I’ve had in 2022. And I know I’ve talked about this over the last few mindset Mondays about getting this in your mindset of how much you’ve accomplished in the last year. And this is really important if you haven’t done it yet. And I’ve kind of been doing it piece by piece, but then I’m going to spend a lot of my time that I would normally spend meditating or goal setting to do this process of going through and writing out the things that I’ve accomplished, the things that I’m most proud of over the past year.

And then while I’m in that mindset, while I’m kind of basking and saturating my consciousness and the feeling of all of those things that I’ve brought forth in my life for 2022, I’m going to start thinking about what’s the next step? How can I get to the next step for 2023? What is it that I want to see brought forth in my relationships, in my business, my health, my finances, and all of these other pieces and areas of my life so that I can kind of take what I’ve accomplished in 2022, the feelings of accomplishment that I have and leverage those into the goals that I have for 2023. Now, not to say that I’ve reached every goal, not to say that everything is exactly the way I thought it would be or wanted it to be. It never will be, right? So I have to be okay with that and recognize that if I look at myself now compared to where I was at the end of 2021 and gearing up for 2022, there is no comparison. I am so much further ahead in so many areas of my life and I want to reflect on that. I want to congratulate myself and acknowledge myself for all of that work. The actions that I’ve taken and everything that I’ve had to do to be able to get to the next level and the next step of where I am right now, and then again, anchoring that in, projecting that out into 2023 for what I want to see brought forth next year.

That’s the way I’m doing it. That’s the way I’m going to spend the bulk of my sort of quote unquote, free time this week as far as like goal setting and and designing an intentional approach to what I want to bring forth with all of those bigger goals and just the tweaks that I need to make. I mean, there are several things that I had intended to do this year that just completely just fell to the wayside. They were not prioritized. Maybe it’s time to bring those things back up and say these things are really important, or just check in with myself and say, You know what, maybe that wasn’t that important. What is it As important as I thought it was going to be, I thought that bringing this in, this specific practice, this specific strategy, this specific tactic was going to make the difference in my life. But I didn’t follow through with it. Did it make a difference? Was it detrimental? Was it even important? Maybe it wasn’t. And so I need to check myself also, what I’m what am I focusing focusing on? Am I just focusing on things that I’ve heard and things that I think might be important, things that I think might be valuable? Or are these things actually important and valuable? And I need to have that level of discernment and continuously go back and check in with myself to make sure that I’m putting my time and effort into the right things, in the right places and the right practices at all times so that I can move forward as fast as I can.

And speaking of moving forward as fast as you can, this mindset Monday, honestly, it started at the beginning of 2022 and it wasn’t all that intentional. I didn’t have a plan. And the beautiful thing about it is that I trusted my intuition. I just leaned in, I started doing them. I did miss a few Mondays this year, maybe two or three, because of a holiday or this or that or the other. A couple of them got done on Tuesdays. It’s an imperfect action, right? But at the end of the day, I committed to making this a series that other people could learn from, but also primarily that I could hold myself accountable to the things that I’m telling all of you on these mindset Monday. Then I could anchor that in for myself and be like, Well, if I’m telling everyone else to do it, then I better hold myself accountable to do it as well. So that’s been an amazing, I guess, effort over the past year or two. Just continually come up with ideas, get in front of the camera, do it, upload them, all these different things. But again, it wasn’t very intentional.

When I started. It was like, Hey, I’m going to try this out. And I didn’t have a real plan. I didn’t have a real result that I was looking for. It was just kind of spitballing and and seeing what happened, and I really enjoyed it. So the big news on this is that I’m going to discontinue the mindset Monday part of it, but I’m going to re-envision it and bring another series to the forefront. Because as you know, if you’ve been watching these mindset Mondays, my my word for 2022 was flow. And I feel like I have encompassed that in spades over the last year, Like my flow has become so much better overall in all areas of my life. I’ve been able to incorporate that and really embody just flow and everything that I’m doing. So my, my 2023 word is how do I accelerate that? How do I maximize it? How did I how do I speed things up? If I’ve got this flow, I have this energy that’s going through, I’m getting rest, I’m getting my mindset and intention right. I’m taking action. And all of that is creating this flywheel effect over and over again. That’s flow. There’s not really anything internally holding me back necessarily. There’s fears, doubts and all of those things, but I’m able to get the tools. I have the tools in my toolbox to get past those potential limitations and blocks when they come up in the moment and continuously take forward action.

So now for 2023 is like, how do I accelerate that? How do I accelerate this to make it go faster? How can I accomplish the things that I want to accomplish faster? How do I delegate more? How do I discern the things that I need to be doing versus the things that I shouldn’t be doing? Because the challenges that I’m faced with and to reach the goals that I’m setting out for 2023 are going to require me to continuously level up. This is the level up I need to accelerate. I need to go faster. I did accomplish so much in 2022. There’s so much more that I want to accomplish in 2023. So I have to hold myself accountable to that. And so I’m going to relaunch this series and it’s going to be called Accelerate Flow State. So again, my 2022 word was flow. So 2023, it’s like accelerate. So I’m going to sell accelerate the flow state and I’m not going to hold myself accountable to be like every Monday I do this, I might do it once a week on whatever day and time comes up. I might do it twice a week, I might do it three times a week. I might do it no times a week. I’m going to put content out there When I’m inspired to put the content out there and when I feel like there’s something that I can relay about how I am accelerating my own flow state, that might help the people who are watching that series to be able to do the same, to move forward in their life.

So look for that in the coming year. I hope that you spend the last week of this year really reflecting on the things that you’ve done in 2023, the things that you’ve accomplished, also, the places that you fell short don’t dwell on the things that you fell short on. But ask yourself, were they really that important to me? Was it a loss? Maybe your higher self knew that it wasn’t that important and you were not inspired to follow through on that particular thing and maybe you got even further than you would have if you would have spent time doing that other thing. Reflect on all of this and through that discernment and through that celebration of what you have accomplished, leverage those feelings, those and the desires that you have into what you want to see brought forward for 2033. Write that shit down, man. Get it down on paper. Anchor it into your brain. These are the things that are important to you and start taking action towards them. We have January 2nd coming up next Monday and we will be able to rock and roll into 2023. I look forward to seeing you there. I look forward to seeing your success and I’ll see you on the next one piece.

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