Jeff Howell: What Gets Measured Gets Managed! (If You Have Clarity and Purpose)

Mindset Monday - June 6, 2022

What Gets Measured Gets Managed!

Hey, everybody. How’s it going? This is Jeff Howell coming at you with another Mindset Monday and today I just wanted to go over a few things that have been coming up for me as far as getting things done, being in alignment with my purpose and celebrating wins so they say. Peter Drucker said, in other words, what gets measured gets managed So I’ve heard this over the years of being an entrepreneur and It’s like, yeah, you can measure it, but that doesn’t mean anything unless you’re going to take action. So the way that it’s kind of come to fruition for me is understanding that when you’re measuring something that is a metric relating to one of your goals that you’re trying to reach with your purpose and the other things in your life that create the motivation and energy that you have to pursue that goal. Then you’re going to be that much more motivated to reach that goal. When you see these metrics or you have these metrics in place so that you can track your progress. So I’ve really seen this coming to life here over the last few weeks and having goals that I’ve set up.

I went really deep into journaling and setting the appropriate goals for myself in Q4 of last year and then Q1 of this year. Just got that extraordinary clarity behind what I’m doing with my life and with my time and energy and the purpose that I have behind  those goals and put the sort of tools and measurement procedures in place so that I can get the data. And now that I’m kind of seeing that data in real time, it’s motivating me to reach those goals and to celebrate the smaller wins along the way as I go down, move forward along the path towards those goals. So what’s happening is I’m seeing these incremental improvements, if you will, and that’s a Neville Goddard concept, is every day you’re going out there and making incremental improvements and then your life will go into that new trajectory and you’ll start experiencing the success that you desire because you’re going to make these incremental improvements along the way. 

So as I see these metrics that I have in place, improving it, it excites me. It shows me it’s feedback in real time that I’m the actions that I’m taking are making an impact and making a difference in me, pushing those goals forward and then seeing those metrics in real time and proving it also excites me for the next step and it’s like, okay, well If I reach this level and the goal is up here then that much closer. I’m that much closer and it might take a couple of steps back and then move forward again. So it’s just for me kind of like putting all of these concepts together behind like what gets measured, gets what gets measured, gets managed, and then also having goals that are in alignment with your purpose and having the clarity behind them and then making the incremental improvements and celebrating those incremental improvements along the way to continuously regenerate the energy that I have in pursuit of these goals. And that just gives me that much more sort of motivation, and I guess the multiplication factor of what I’m doing and how I’m spending my time and energy. It just comes when you’re happy and when you are, when you know that you’re pursuing the right things for yourself, it just kind of comes, comes across in conversations that you have with people and you start to sort of attract the type of people that are going to help you get to those goals because they want to help you do that. They, you know, maybe have some kind of a partnership or some kind of an opportunity that you can create together. And by doing that, it helps you move your goal forward, it helps them move their goal forward and all of that. So it all just kind of comes full circle. And so this has been really I’ve never felt more at one with the clarity that I have and the purpose and that’s definitely playing out in creating the level of motivation and energy. You know, a lot of people think, oh I just don’t have the energy. Well, you actually create the energy that you have for yourself and if you don’t have any, that’s because, in my opinion, most of the time because your goal is number one, you don’t have clarity for them, number two, you may not be in alignment. We’re not understanding the purpose that you have the purpose towards that goal. So reaching it is not going to move the needle or your life and sort of your satisfaction of how you’re spending your time and energy. So for me, again, just the last couple of quarters getting super clear on what I’m trying to bring forth in my life and on my entrepreneurial journey. Getting very clear on that aligning it with my purpose and and really relating it to all of the people that I have in my life as well. So I know that everything that I do makes an impact on them. Who am I doing this for? 

So I guess the final thought would be Brendan Burchard concept is like, who do I need to be on my A-game for? And if you ask yourself that on a continuous basis that purpose I think will kind of come up like I was introduced to this concept maybe four or five years ago and going through some of Brendan Bouchard’s courses and It just, it hit me really big when I first heard it and then it stuck with me along the way. And when I kind of get into a lull or a little bit of a pattern of complacency or like an uncertainty. If you will, then when I start asking myself this question again, like, who do I need to be on my A-game for? I mean, there’s so many people around me that I need to show up for. My kids, other people, my family, my, my business partners, the people that I work with, my clients, you know, my friends and all of that. And that’s one of the the things that really motivates me to continue to go out there and and work on. Pushing my own goals and goals forward, because I know that that’s going to ultimately have the most positive effect on everyone around me and make the biggest impact that I can make in my life. So that’s kind of how I put it all together. 

So I hope you can kind of get a little bit of the idea that it doesn’t it’s not these individual pieces like what gets measure gets managed. I mean, nothing to me until I was able to see it from this other perspective of once I’ve measuring it, then I can manage it well, how am I managing it if it’s just a number in front of me, you know, maybe it’s my monthly revenue number or It’s some other number. That is just it doesn’t have any kind of real I don’t have any kind of real connection to it doesn’t really matter to me because it’s not connected to my purpose or impact in the world than getting measuring is not going to it’s not going to matter. Right? You’re not going to manage it because you have  no you have no inspiration to manage it. But if I connect it to this underlying purpose of of everything that I’m doing, then, then it actually makes sense. So, yeah, I hope you enjoyed it and I will look forward to hearing your comments or seeing your comments in the chat. And I look forward to see you on your next one piece.

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