Jeff Howell: Traffic and Conversions 2022 Edition

Mindset Monday - September 27, 2022

Everybody, this is Jeff coming at you from traffic and conversions 2022. For mindset Monday today we have a lot of special guests in the house and we all just kind of want to share why we ended up here in this room at traffic conversions to mastermind with each other, learn from each other, have fun together, learn more about each other and build relationships for the long term. So I’m going to pass it over to my special mindset Monday. Guest Patrick Shannon.

Yo Yeah, so for me, a lot of you guys know where we are with our agency and the pathway. We come and when I look back on how we got here so much, it is tied to the relationships that I built. You know, when you guys are online and we kind of make friends, we start to share a little bit. And I’ll tell you, the the comfortability that you have sharing with a stranger is probably 10% of what it is. Once you start to actually have real friends and you spend some time where you’re actually breaking bread and hanging out in person. So looking back on the pathway that we took and our agency, I have no idea where I would be had I not had these great friendships along the way. And those weren’t formed just with online relationships. Those were formed at events where we’re actually hanging out. We switch between talking live talking business, joking, laughing together. That’s the type of person that I really like to share stuff with where like I’m testing and I’m playing with something like this is like the absolute value that I have that I feel more comfortable if it’s somebody that I really know. And when you take these relationships into friendships, it’s just like you start to hang out with each other and you have these conversations a lot more often. It’s not just like somebody that I talked to online. So it’s been absolutely it’s been critical for our success, our growth. And, you know, when you’re in this space, like you already have so much in common, right? If you’re an entrepreneur, you started this business, you want to work from home, you want to you want to like, have passive income.

Will you have that in common with all the people who have chosen this lifestyle? So there’s already like such a higher level of understanding where you can get through like, Oh, are you interested in this and this? Like, oh, everyone is, everyone is interested in this same thing. It’s amazing to be here. So I love this. I’m excited for our conference and that like pushing lead snap out at the conference. But I’m honestly more excited for the friendships and the relationships, not only with the people that are in this room, but with the new ones, because I know all the people at this conference are going to have that same mindset and the vendors are going to be other people like me who have built some sort of platform, right? So super excited to have all these people here. And like some of these people, it’s been years that we’ve been talking online and we’ve never met in person and it’s just so cool to like, have it start there and then have this person be like, Hey, this is like someone I want to actually hang out with right away from just talking business. So that’s what it is for me. Super powerful. I love it. All right, so let’s go over to Spencer. Awesome. So, Spencer, what you got?

Yeah, For me, it’s, you know, I just spent the last, like, nine days in Cabo. Got home last night, was home 14 hours, did some laundry, and back here in San Diego from Portland, just because of exactly what Patrick talked about, I had an opportunity to, you know, actually meet Patrick, one of my mentors in person, and as well as just this this you know, we talk about the lead snap family on the calls. You know, Patrick, with a K, we always say we actually, you know, get to meet I meet for the first time as well and Jeff and it’s it’s just I think it’s just that we’re building this family, this community. There’s a lot of marketing groups out there or. Tech, you know, people that do the same thing that we do with the rank and rent space or SEO. But I think from the core, because of who Patrick is as a person, he. I don’t want to say expects that from other people. But he sets the standard and I feel like I know this. This is truly a truly a family. So I’m glad to be here.

Oh, thanks. Oh, right on. All right. All right. Who’s next? Who? Go over to Eugene. Why are you here, buddy? What do you want to get out of this?

Well, actually, I wanted to share a little analogy. You know, I’ve been really focusing on beliefs and, like, you know, your mindset. And so if you guys know the story about the circus elephant and you grew up with a chain on his leg, right? Yeah.

And then and then so he, you know, he couldn’t go anywhere because the chain. But at some point he outgrew, he could break the chain so they could take chain off. But he still wouldn’t move because he was so ingrained with the belief that he was locked in. Right. And so I noticed that’s like kind of a big sticking point for a lot of people, you know, in the entrepreneurship world and especially in our world as well. And the lead gen and but yeah, but coming over here and seeing, you know, everybody who’s achieved all the great things that they have and just it makes you believe that you can do it too, because you know, it becomes they become more real when you see them in person. So it’s just inspiring and it elevates your belief that, hey, you know, maybe I could I could achieve those same things. So, you know, I would highly recommend everyone try to get out to these things or even network with people that are in your area and just to even get started. But, you know, definitely come out here and break those chains.

Break the chains. Yeah, man. Yeah. So here’s the saying, right? Like the man who believes he can and the man who believes he can’t, they’re both right. Right. So it’s like if you got that chain and maybe you don’t even realize it, right? Maybe you think in your head that, like, Eugene, like Jeff can do this and like, Spencer can do this, but for whatever reason, Eugene, I can’t do it. They’re, like, smarter than me. They’re better than me. And then you got me and realize like, Well, these people are just like me, right? Like, it’s just I really need to change. I have plenty of genes, Patrick.

Patrick made me a software and, you know, type of techie, dude. And I’m. I’m not that smart, but I know I’m just as smart as Patrick to be able to do this stuff.

Especially when especially when things get stressful and you might lose a client or, you know, sales thing doesn’t go right, then that’s when the belief really starts to get to you unless you have a strong belief in yourself. So the great thing about that is I guarantee everyone in this room has been through something similar and it’s amazing to be able to be able to have a good core group of friends where you can bounce, you know, Hey dude, this is what I’m going through. What do you think? You know, Patrick? Patrick did that tonight when we’re walking, you know, about some issues that he has had with feedback on the software company. For me, it’s it’s like if you can bounce that off and know, like, hey, am I crazy or how would you handle this or hey, what would you do in this situation that’s worth so much? And I think Patrick’s talked about it is, you know somebody you can trust to surrounding yourself with a core group of people, people that you can trust, and people that actually have that knowledge and has been in the game or has seen the similar situation because it’s experience where some these might be uncharted waters for some of us, but for people that are a little bit more seasoned have been through a lot of the same stuff.

Yeah, yeah. And I’ll tell you, like we go to you go to Masterminds and you go to events and there’s like speakers, right? So there’s two different types of learning that I think really happens. So there’s things that are that are taught, right? And then there’s things that are caught. And I think that for a lot of us, like we’ve seen these presentations and like all this stuff and like that stuff is the stuff that’s taught. But these conversations where it’s like somebody mentioned something briefly and then it’s like, Oh, wait a minute, that’s how you think about it, or that’s how you’re doing that. That stuff that’s caught I think is almost more valuable than the stuff that’s taught. And if you’re not a part of this and you’re just like getting tuned in to the presentation without any discussion around it, it’s like, let’s talk about what was taught and then let’s unpack that and dive into that. And like, what? Like what are your thoughts on that? How are you doing this? How are you doing this? These different pieces and those conversations stimulate some of the more valuable parts. And if you’re not attending and you’re not like having these masterminds on a topic and diving into it, then like you just missed that. And I almost think that stuff’s more valuable than the stuff that’s taught, right? Yeah. Yeah. What do you have? Patrick Well.

I just want to kind of bounce off with Eugene said, because we have a few deals together and I don’t think that would have ever happened if I didn’t meet you in person. Like, we just had a little we didn’t talk that much at the place, but gain a little bit of trust and then talking online. So I like coming out here, gets a belief level up, seeing people in person. Like for me it’s important to do that. You can only do so much online and then getting here, seeing, Oh, they’re not that much smarter than me or they’re not at all like it’s, it’s, it’s important. It’s important to see that. Just regular people. You know, we’re all doing, you know, pretty, pretty good. You know, you’re at that. You’re at that next level. And it’s just good to see how you’re operating your how you’re operating with the software, with the with your team. Like, that’s a whole nother learning experience for me. And I just I just like seeing that.

Yeah. Yeah. So, I mean, part of it, we’ve got a mixture out here today of people that are been and part of the community, but then there’s also been people that are part of the team. So Jordan here was one of the first people that that came on, came onto my company. Right. He was. How old were you when you started? I think I was 17. 17. And how old are you now? 23. 23. So it’s been six years. So Jordan was working as customer service person when I was a software engineer. And, you know, from from the beginning I was like, man, like this this kid, this kid has something that’s different. And I was like, I want him to be a part of my company. I think one of the first things that stuck out to me about Norm and you guys, like if you guys are trying to hire people, there’s a there’s a saying that hire for the Soul Train for the role. So that’s been a big thing for me is like stop trying to like hire someone that has the experience that you need. And this is different. If you’re trying to hire like a CPA, then don’t train them how to be a CPA, right? Like, but for for people that are going to be part of our leadership team, a lot of especially in this industry, we can teach them stuff. And I saw a soul like Jordan, you won like Employee of the Month doing customer support for the software company that we were working at. Right. How many was that once or it was multiple times, right? Well, I was only there for a year, so I was.

Just every 12 months, every month in 12 months.

No, I didn’t get it. I was only there every single one times I got it. I thought you had done it multiple times. I got to reevaluate this whole relationship. It’s time to maybe look at that look. No, but one of the first things that stood out to me is, you know, I like Jordan. I think you were living here. You his father had his father passed on. Your mom was in California, right. And you were working at this company to kind of pay your rent as a 17 year old and your truck broke down. And I remember I was like, hey, what did you do this weekend? I was just trying to I was like interviewing him, but he didn’t know. I don’t even think you knew I had a company, right? So but I was like, I was like, on the prowl here. I’m like, Oh, let’s see what’s up with this guy here? I was like, What did you do this weekend? And he was like, Well, you know, my truck broke down and I had to replace the transmission. I was like, So how did you do that? I was like, Well, me and my buddies, we went to a junkyard and we pulled this out of this old truck and we put it in and I was like, How did you know how to do that? Like, if you always worked on cars, you’re like, No, but I watched YouTube and I just, like, figured it out. And I was like, okay, like, that’s not what normal 17 year olds are doing in my opinion. And you were also you had a site yet you were building and selling computers at the time, right? That’s right, yeah. Yeah. I think you actually tried to pitch me to buy it, but. Yeah, yeah, I think he was.

He was interviewing you too.

He was, Yeah. Yeah. So, but like, I knew that he had got the employee of the month and I was like, I just want this guy to be a part of my company. And I think you quit the job and you started for me for less money. I think you had benefits and you were getting paid more money, but you, like you decided that you were going to quit and work for me anyways. Yeah. Like what? What was it that made you want to make that decision? Oh, for me, it was really clear to see that if I stayed where I was, I’m not going to go much farther than that. Right? You know, you get your one year review and you can get a little raise and that’s it. You know, you’re always doing the same thing. You’re not learning anything important. If you get fired, you know, what are you going to do, Get another job doing the same thing. But what I saw, what Patrick was doing, it just seemed like the there was no limitations on on where you could go, you know, and the value of of the skill set, learning that and having the chance to learn it from you is just it was just like a no brainer. So you didn’t have any experience in this world. I know that you had done some computer stuff, but you had no experience with like SEO or marketing, right? Right. Yeah. How would you classify now, you’ve been around this community for a long time.

People don’t know that you’ve been around the community because you’ve always been. He’s been and he always but he’s also been like until recently, he was just a part of our agency, right? And then we moved him over into the software company. When was that? Like six months ago, I think this was around eight months, eight months ago. So the previous like five years was all like agency stuff, right? So when we started, you would come to my house, like at first, like you eventually quit your job, right? And I got like, I got fired, so. This is how that went down. So like when I started, I went from poker where I was like free. And then I was doing this job and I was doing I was essentially a senior software engineer for both Android and iOS at the same time. So if you were to put those separately, either one of those would be like 90,000 a year. And doing both of those, how was that 60,000 a year when I was playing poker? I was like to be good at poker. You have to. I mean, they say that 5% of people make all the money, so 95% of people are losing. And if you want to be within that 5% that’s making good money, then you have to be like, it’s so cutthroat, it’s super competitive. So to be good at this, you’re going to have to like put so much time and effort and study into it.

And everyone that was in my peer group in poker had that same mentality. We would talk poker, we would read poker. We were taking like coaching online and courses and just like consuming it, completely obsessed with it all the time. And that had gone on for a decade and I applied that same thing to software. So I went from not understanding software to being very good at it faster than most people because I had that obsession like I’d be taking a shower and be like, Oh, I could like, do this and solve this and like driving car, like, Oh shit, I’m in the wrong I missed my turn because I’m like, focused on software. That’s the obsession level. And if you go into the employee world and you bring that attitude, well, you don’t really make a lot of friends because they’re like, they’re clocking in and clocking out where I’m like, Hey, do you guys want to, like, get together this weekend? And we can like talk software and like, maybe are you guys working on your side projects? And you’re like, No, I don’t want to. I don’t want to do that at all. And like, I was working 60, 70 hours a week for a job that I was getting paid 40 hours. And at some point I just like had enough of it and I was like, Hey, look, this is what’s going to happen. Like the first two years I worked as a software engineer, I was remote and then they said all the remote employees had to be in the office.

So then that went on for like six months and I was like, This sucks. This is like, This is what a job is. So this is the first time I’ve had a job in 15 years where I felt like a job and I said, Look, this is what’s going to happen. I need to be remote and I need to get paid more. I don’t think there’s any future with this business. And the next day I came in and they were like, Hey, you’re fired. I’m like, Oh my God, that was like such an ego check for me where I was like, These guys can’t fire me. I’m like, building their app and like, like I’m working so much harder than these people. And I remember, like, my wife’s over here. She hates to be on camera, but it was a real she had to talked to me a lot because it was it was a hard it was a punch in the mouth is what it felt like. And I was depressed for a week thinking that like I just got fired. So there’s been like two years where I was kind of building the company and I was working as a software engineer and I was working a ton of hours on, on both. And I think after two years I was at 4000 a month in my own business. And then I think two months after that I was at 8000 a month.

12 months after that I was at 40,000 a month, having the the freedom to work my own hours. And like, like you said, with the chain man, like I felt so discouraged that I like am I like maybe I’m not who I think I am with this or I’m not as good. And you know, then seeing things take off and that’s when you dawn, you kind of started to come. And so we worked in the office. How long were you working in that office together? We used to have my home office, right? Oh, man. Probably a while. Definitely. Probably two and a half years. Two and a half years every day, five days a week. Dawn and I were like, in there grinding on this, like figuring out the business model. So for somebody that’s kind of like unknown, Jordan has Jordan definitely has the chops on like the SEO side of things. We figured things out. Remember, we had we had 13 sites, we had built a bunch of sites, but I remember that we had it was 12, 12 sites that we had identified that were like, we couldn’t rank these sites and we were just like beating on the Dirty Dozen. So we like we had a whiteboard and we listed off the Dirty Dozen every site and we’re like, we have columns with like, this is what this site needs, This is what this why we think this one’s not ranking. And I think now like the Dirty Dozen, it’s like those are some of our better ranking sites, but we didn’t really know what we were doing at the time.

We either like we were searching back, linking together in your office and trying to figure out how to do it. Oh, this, this amazing backlink. I think I just found like, Oh yeah. So that time is just like kind of what this is like. We had a daily mastermind for two and a half years where we were trying to figure this stuff out. Right? And you heard a lot of the sales calls like you would hear, and then we would talk about the sales calls, right. This this like conversations every day. And it’s just an extension of what this group is. Here is what has led us. And you would see like what was your maybe you didn’t see this. What was your idea of me and the pursuit to try to level up? What did it look like from your angle and don’t like, don’t tell me what? Tell me what you think. It was not like what you think I want to hear? Yeah. For me, I could see that. Like, it didn’t matter what obstacles came about. Like you were going to make it work no matter what. Like, we were going to find a way. And it just felt like at no point was it going to be unsuccessful. You know, right there was like this. And this is part of what I coach to is like I had already decided the outcome, like I’ve already decided the outcome for the software company. And once you do that and you have the vision, it’s just a question of working backwards. Like this is where I’m going, I know I’m going there. I don’t really care if anyone else believes I’m going there about. That’s where I’m going. Like, and when you have that relentless attitude towards what you’re going to get, it’s not a question of if. It’s a question of when, right? That’s like for me, like, well, you’re going to get punched in the mouth sometimes. And this is like it’s been like for the last You’re not in the agency side of things now, but it’s like our agency. This has been kind of a rough year. We’ve lost some clients. We’ve lost like some of our sites aren’t performing as well. We try to grow too fast, right? We they say, like businesses don’t die from starvation, they die from indigestion. And we have indigestion. We have too many we have a lot of referrals coming in and we’re trying to do too many different things at once. And it’s like we had to like narrow our focus. But I’ve already I’ve already decided like when when the when the when the you know, when you have those rough moments and you’ve already decided what happened, like it’s not really a rough moment. It’s just like, well, it’s just a step along the way to where we’re going. And like, I’ve already already know what’s happening. It’s already been like, I don’t care who believes it, right? Is that you felt that through this and I’ve taught this like I want. This is the difference, guys. It’s not. I know that I never thought of myself as being, like, really intelligent and like, through exposure to a lot of people, they they’ve shared that. But I don’t feel it’s this preparation and this like work shows up as that, right? It’s not. It makes you like if you’ve done all the preparations and you’ve already thought through all the conversations and you’ve thought through the troubles and the struggles and everything, then that looks like you’re thinking about it on the spot. But all that work was just done over years. And then that that like, Wow, this guy knows a lot about this. No, it’s just been like, I’ve thought about this every day for eight years, and maybe those thought processes are more advanced than someone who’s smarter than me. That’s thought about it every day for two years, right? So like this preparation and just like relentless pursuit is what I’ve noticed that the most successful people have in common. There’s people out there that I run into that are super successful. And it’s not I don’t I don’t look at them thinking like, well, like it’s obvious why this person, because they’re so much smarter than me. No, it’s like they just like they’ve just been relentless at this for a longer period of time. That’s the common trait, I think, with 100% business, because with every business. So I guess you’re right, with every business and even like professional athletes think so for me, I mean, I still consider myself new in this game than doing the only three years. And the one thing my fiance says is like, she’s like, I knew for a fact like it was just a matter of time. She’s like, I’ve never seen somebody work so hard and I know you’re like that. Patrick. I know that probably is encouraged during and his pursuit of this because he it’s it’s a grind a lot of times but it’s also like like he said he knew you were going to be successful with it, didn’t know how long it’d take, but it eventually worked out. And I think when you continually surround yourself with like minded people, I mean just us in a little bit of time that we’ve been together just bouncing ideas off each other, it’s that’s worth this whole trip as well as the formative relationships. Because, I mean, we I mean, everyone in this room that’s successful is getting hit up in their DMS with people that are new to this game. And unfortunate thing is for me, I’m timid about sharing stuff with people that I don’t know who they are. And this brings us closer. So if Eugene was to hit me up with a message, I can tell you that I’m answering Eugene’s message because we’re connected now. The amount of effort that you want to put towards that effort, it’s like based on a personal relationship. It’s like tire kickers. It’s the same thing as a client that’s kicking the tires that some guy that’s going to hit you up and want 100% of your secrets and think that you’re going to they’re going to shortcut cut it. Yeah. And I know that I consistently tell people you have to pay your dues. I paid my dues for the last three years, two and a half years. And November after our conversation was like my agency blew up because I feel like I paid my dues. Now it’s time for me to be rewarded and somewhat, you know. And now it’s just continually pushing through where, you know, a lot of newbies want to hit, hit, hit me up, hit Patrick up, whoever. I’m sure everybody’s getting hit up. And they’re saying, What do you know? How do I get to 40 K months or 30 K months or whatever it is, and say, you got to hit the steps. Yeah, you got to hit these steps in. Half of hitting these steps is hanging out with like minded people that are going to continually help elevate you. Every time I talked with Patrick, you know, it’s like where his agency is and where I thought I could be at my period of time in a short period of time in the last eight months. Now nine months, it’s it’s surreal. And it took Patrick four years to get to where you are currently with your agency. And it’s like, you know, now you’re talking about letting off the gas because there’s this hose and the shit. They’re they’re being exposed, right? Yeah. And so that’s what I’m, I’m working on is trying to plug those holes and also just coming down to not only just this core group, but the people that were going to see talk at the at the conference and and the vendors and and why wouldn’t you want to be here?

Yeah, absolutely. Let’s go back over to you. I got a couple more questions for you. So 17 years old to now, what has changed for you? Not like, hey, I know SEO stuff, but like what mental changes had to happen for you to be like. I was a lot more like a patient. But accepting of you as a 17 year old, like your 17 year old self. Now if it was here, like, we would probably have issues if you had stayed that person. I’m just like, What changes do you think that you’ve recognized inside yourself over the last six years to kind of become who you are now that were necessary? So there’s a couple of things. The first one would be motivation. I used to find it really easy if I was sitting in the office by myself to not want to do anything and just like learning a lot from really like high level people and seeing that like you guys were all saying, it’s not just the intelligence because you don’t have to just have raw intelligence, but it’s just the motivation. You know, you have to be motivated. And that’s kind of really helped me to up my drive to get things done, you know, And that’s made a big difference. But on top of that, it’s also getting out of my comfort zone is also especially like last year at the conference, having to go up and talk to people and kind of learn how to how to sell somebody when they don’t know who you are, you know? And so that kind of took a lot for me and a lot of personal growth on just getting out of my comfort zone and and trying to improve myself.

So it’s going to be easier this year. Yeah, I think it is going to be a lot easier. Yeah. This whole last like eight months or so, you’ve been constantly talking to the users and jumping on Zoom calls when they’re stuck, right? Right. Like a couple of years. Three years ago, you probably would have been comfortable with that, right? Yeah. Yeah, probably not. How do you feel with this now? Like on these Zoom calls, do you still have some nervousness or do you Not really. I think maybe at first when if it came down to like not knowing how to answer a question. But that’s just another thing that I learned. You know, I studied the whole system and now I know everything. And it’s just that confidence now. So it just makes it really easy. And I feel much better about myself, a lot more confidence. So yeah. Jordan What stuff do you think? You notice me So what I’ve pushed you towards over the last few years has changed, right? Where do you feel now that, that, like I’m pushing you towards that you’re kind of, like, resisting. The hard question. I’m not sure. So like reading, I’m like, right, Yeah. Yeah. You don’t like to read too much. Right, Right. But how did you learn? Like, other than being in the office we went through, you went through courses to get this knowledge you had to study.

Right. So, like, if you kind of look back, that set the foundation right. So this, like, constant pursuit of information, set the foundation. And then from that you have the ability to like, tweak it and ask the right questions, right? Yeah, definitely. And I also think two other really important skills that I think I will take with me throughout my the rest of my life are extreme ownership. Explain that a little bit. What does that mean? So if something happens, if something goes wrong and there’s a mistake, it’s it’s maybe maybe in the past, maybe five years ago, six years ago, I would want to be like, try to find a way I can put that onto somebody else, you know? But it doesn’t matter now, like something happened. There’s there was always something that I could have done to make that not happen. Like, whatever it was, even if it was someone else’s mistake, I could have stepped in earlier and and made it not happen. Right. So it’s kind of I think that’s a very important skill that I’ve learned. And I just I think that will probably stick with me forever. So you said you have two things. Yeah. What’s the second one? I forgot the second one. All right. Can you come back to Jeff? Do you have anything else to add? What are your thoughts on all this?

Oh, my thoughts are always like I built a relationship with Patrick by coming to masterminds. There’s other people in this room have seen me almost since the first day I was in Legion. And I’ve just always been about relationships. Like, I have enough reps with business, I have enough reps with like networking and different things like that. Not to say that there’s not improvement that I can make or whatever, but it’s more about and especially like I got in this business at the end of 2018. So about four years ago it was always just about like, how can I meet the people who are actually making should happen and add value to what they’re doing so that I can lift my own boat with them, help them lift their boat and rising tide, you know, raise all ships. I think it goes. So that was really the way that I approach this business and and my relationship with Patrick that started because I saw him speak on on a stage about lead snap and I was like, I got to know this dude. Like, I could see that that element that there’s just not he’s not going to fail and I want to I want to be with somebody who’s not going to fail because I’m the type of guy who will go really hard into something and then things won’t work out. And I’m a lone wolf. I was always the lone wolf. And then it gets really difficult. And then I just I just kind of like give up or I switched her. I don’t really give up, but I switched directions and then I kind of have to start from scratch. But I could see in Patrick that he wasn’t he’s not that type of guy. Right? So I tracked him down, met him, and then we just started meeting with each other. I see. Yeah, exactly. His wife got up to go get something and I sat down. I’m like, Hey. That’s right. I had to take the opportunity when it came. Yeah. So then we just. We just kind of built a relationship and started seeing each other at all these different masterminds. And then, you know, it ended up, the opportunity came to work with him. And I, and I see it the same way you earned as it’s like, you know, every time something comes up, I’m just like, I, I believe in him. And I tell him that, like, I know I’m here putting my energy towards what his projects are because I know he’s not going to lose. You know, I know that. So that’s how we kind of collaborate together. And it’s just that that boosts him up, that gives him more confidence, gives him more resolve, and we just move everything forward. So those are my thoughts for Mindset Monday. I’m thrilled to have all of you guys join me because I’m always coming up with this stuff just off the cuff out of the top of my head.

We’re going to do this every Monday. Now, was that together? Yeah. It’s awesome to have Patrick and Eugene and even Joran and, you know, all of you guys just join in and kind of like, Yeah, that’s awesome.

Well, we got four states. We got four and the collective years that we have here in Florida and Colorado and Nevada, five states, we’re all states. Man, that’s amazing. It’s crazy. Yeah, it’s crazy Just just to come here. So it’s awesome. So thanks a lot to everybody for joining us for this sort of impromptu, not standard mindset Monday. And we’ll see you on the next one piece.

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