Jeff Howell: Think and Grow Rich!

Jeff Howell: Think and Grow Rich!

Hey, everybody. How you doing? This is Jeff Howell coming at you with another edition of Mindset Monday. And today I want to go over a few concepts from Napoleon Hill’s book, Thinking Grow Rich. It is a classic entrepreneurial handbook and will inform you well on your entrepreneurial journey. The inspiration for this video came from Joseph Rodriguez, who I’ve mentioned in Other Mindset Mondays. He is an entrepreneur who dives in deep into the the philosophies of Napoleon Hill, Goddard and others and breaks it down and links it to the entrepreneurial journey in general. So I get a lot out of that. And today he posted on Instagram his key insights into Napoleon Hill’s thinking Grow Rich, and the first concept that he posted about was desire. So the first step that you will want to consider in your entrepreneurial journey and setting goals for yourself is actually to have a desire for something different that you have not seen or you do not have in your life. So what is that desire? And then right after that desire, that inspiration and instinct to go and and create something that has not been created in your life is to have the vision for what that looks like. So you want to be able to have a clear vision of what your life looks like once you have completed this desire or completed this goal. And the third thing is to have purpose. So you want to be able to have the motivation to bring that vision into reality. And the only way you’re going to do that is if you have a clear purpose.

What’s driving you, what’s motivating you to spend your life, force energy into manifesting this vision so your purpose can be anything from egoic, self fulfilling desires? I, I believe that the purpose should really be about doing things for others and how you can give back to the world. And it can definitely it doesn’t have to be all about being altruistic and, and all of that. But when you can combine your own desires, even if they’re egoic of different things that you want to the resources that you want to have, the things that you want to buy, the places you want to travel, if you can wrap those things up into a bigger purpose of how that is helping others and how it can help others, then your purpose will be more solidified. It will be more authentic, it’ll be more genuine, it’ll be more giving. And I think that you’ll find that you will be able to get more energy, gather more energy, so that you’ll be able to push through the inevitable challenges that are going to come your way on your entrepreneurial journey. So once you have that kind of baseline and foundation set, then you have to continuously have the faith that you’re going to be able to realize that vision. So the faith comes from not in a religious sense, so much it can be, but it’s more faith and belief in yourself that you will be able to reach these goals, even if you don’t have all of the skills, all of the resources, all the connections that you need in this here now moment, you will be able to come to those things in the right time so that they’ll be able to move you forward along the path and journey towards the goals that you and visions that you’ve set for yourself and the things that you want to create.

So that is essential. And for me personally and how I’m relating this to my own entrepreneurial journey is in the last week or two, I’ve been blindsided by multiple challenges along the way. I don’t frame them as problems, I frame them as challenges to be overcome. And there are opportunities ultimately to be able to learn, to be able to grow, to be able to innovate, to be able to be creative enough to solve problems that I’ve never saw before. Perhaps the people I’m working with have never saw before. And to be able to overcome things in a way that is going to make me proud of myself and to make me feel valuable in the context of what I’m trying to create in the overall vision that I’m striving for. So that is the framing that I’m using. And just again, like last last week or the last couple of weeks getting blindsided all over the place, not really even having an opportunity to get myself back to center and feeling super overwhelmed in that process. But then once that led up a little bit and I had a time I had a point of time over the weekend to just kind of take it.

Breath and breathe back into these things that the first steps of this is like, Well, why do I want these things? What is that, a vision? Has it changed? Have I recalibrated with that vision? Looks like remind myself of the purpose, and then that conjures more energy so that I can get back to it and get back on track. And then again re-establish that faith that I have in myself and the business model and the people around me and the things that that I’m wanting to see brought forth so that those things will so that I will continue to be able to move forward and strive for those things. And then the final concept here is intuition to be able to trust that you will be able to come across those ideas, the resources, the people, the places, the technology, whatever it’s going to take in real time to be able to overcome those things. Because we know that there’s going to be challenges. We know that for sure, and we know that those challenges are probably not going to always be challenged. Most of the time, they’re going to be challenges that we’ve never faced before. But if we trust that our intuition is going to guide us and to is going to lead us to the things that we need to solve those problems, then we’re going to be much happier on our journey.

We’re going to be much more confident on our journey. We’re going to be much more fulfilled along the path. And it’s our happiness is not going to be related to the destination so much. It’s going to be a way of being on the journey. And that’s what it’s become for me, is I believe that I’m happy now, even though I’m ambitious. I have a lot of things that I want to I want to accomplish and that I want to see brought forth. Even though those things aren’t my current reality right now, I’m still happy along my journey because I’m fulfilling this purpose. I’m striving for this, this vision and this mission that I have and I am learning and growing along the way, which is my bigger purpose of all, is to evolve as a as a human being on the planet and to be able to give back. And I see the more that I intentionally call that in and the more that I intentionally strive for that, then I see more of that coming into my life. More of the people around me that are surrounding me are also on those types of journeys. They’re also happier. They’re also making strides in their own personal development. Last night I had the opportunity to support a friend of mine who’s going through a personal development journey with an organization called Ascension Leadership Academy. And I’ve been to a couple of her prior graduation ceremonies, different phases of this training, and I just see her from the outsider’s point of view, even though I’m not talking to her on a daily basis about what she’s going through, I can see the way that she drops short voice messages to me, like little text, the the things that she posts on social media.

Like I can just see her evolution in real time and it’s such a beautiful thing to watch. And I know that when I see that in her, I know that that’s a reflection of me because I’m doing that as well. So it’s just a lot easier to see that in others once you’re doing it yourself. And it’s much more gratifying to see that I am a support for her and her journey and she knows that she can call back, call me if she needs support. She knows that she can look to me for inspiration. She knows that she can look to me for any of that validation, if that’s what’s required in the moment. And then I’m going to be there for her. And it makes me that much more grateful to be able to be there for her in that way. So those are my thoughts for today. I hope you guys had a great weekend and I look forward to hearing your wins on the Wednesday call and seeing you all moving forward in your own businesses. And if you have any comments or any ways that you relate to this information, please post it in the comments and I’ll see you on the next one piece.

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