Jeff Howell: Higher Highs & Higher Lows!

Higher Highs & Higher Lows!

Hey, everybody. How you doing? This is Jeff Howell coming at you with another edition of Mindset Monday. And today I want to go over a concept that I’m calling higher highs and higher lows. And the way I came up with this concept was Friday night. I was sitting here meditating. So that’s normal Friday night for me. I’m meditating unless there’s something happening. So on most nights I’m meditating. So what meditation does for me is it allows me to kind of peel off the layers of the day, gives me an opportunity to sort of mentally celebrate the things that I accomplished that day and then look forward to the things that I want to accomplish the next day and kind of prime my mindset for the next day. So that’s, that’s my whole thing. So most nights when I’m done with meditation, I go I go straight to bed because it really just kind of relaxes and calms me down and makes it way easier for me to go to sleep. So I normally just go to bed, but Friday night I had this craving for for chocolate, for some kind of like sweet. And so I do keep organic chocolate bars around a couple of them here and there, just so I’ll have them for moments like these. And so I go in the kitchen and I had hot tea with me and everything and I got the peanut butter or the chocolate out.

And just right next to the peanut butter or the chocolate bars, there’s a thing of peanut butter which is all organic. It’s just peanuts like peanuts. And that’s all it is. So I am I’m pretty good at creating these different concoctions. So I pull out the chocolate. I’m like, I’m going to get the peanut butter, too. So I get the peanut butter. And then also sitting there on the counter is a big jar of honey. I just re-upped on my honey supply. So there’s this great honey called Texas Walker. Walker, Texas honey, something like that. I’m thinking of Walker, Texas Ranger, but it’s like the Walker brand, and it’s like organic local flower honey. So it’s awesome. And it comes in a jar that’s like got a huge diameter like gap in in the top, like a mason jar. It’s not like those crappy little plastic things where you squeeze it and it’s got that little thing at the end. So it’s got a full like giant place where the way I take advantage of it, I took the chocolate. I layered a bunch of peanut butter on top of it and then take the peanut butter and chocolate and dunk it like fully into the honey. So I’m like, I pull it out, I’m letting all the honey dribble into the jar, back into the jar and trying to wait for that exact moment when there’s as much honey as possible on the whatever this thing is, this chocolate peanut butter thing.

But there’s not so much that I’m going to dribble it all over the place when I bring it to my mouth. So I’m waiting for that moment. The anticipation is building and I’m like, I want this thing so bad, right? So I let it dribble off for a few seconds, like maybe ten, 20 seconds, and then it gets to the right moment. I put it in my mouth and it was just like an explosion of of taste, you know, and just sweetness and that chocolate and the peanut butter and the honey just all came together in this way. Like, I was literally, like, dancing around the kitchen. It was so amazing. And so thinking about that in the moment, I was like, Wow, I’m really enjoying this. The crap out of this. Like, this is amazing. And I think in my past I never really enjoyed anything that much. You know, it was kind of like everything was sort of neutral. It was like, Oh, it could always be better. Oh, it could be worse, or whatever it is. It wasn’t like just being present in the moment with whatever was happening and just enjoying whatever it was. It seemed so simple. It’s a little piece of chocolate and some peanut butter and honey. It’s like not that hard to come by, right? And I don’t know if I’m outing Patrick here at all, but he’s definitely we share our love of peanut butter.

And he he often laughs at me and the concoctions that I make. But I think he takes cues. And I think behind the scenes he’s actually recreating this stuff for himself. So I know that that’s happening to some degree, but it made me realize that, you know, being able to really to really enjoy something in the moment like that is just such an amazing blessing. And it also kind of like came full circle and made me think about there’s a guy named Dan Sullivan. He he’s a coach for this program called Strategic Coach for Entrepreneurs. And I was involved with his program a few years ago and learned a lot from him. And he has a concept called The Gap. And so his concept is that when you look out onto the horizon and this is what most people do, they’re looking out onto the horizon or the horizons never going to get any closer, right? Your big goal is no matter how far you go in life, you’re always going to be looking out further onto the horizon and it’s always going to seem so far away. And then if you compare that horizon to your goals, you’re always going to fall short. So this is going to put you in a state of sort of like negative thinking because it’s going to be it’s going to cause disappointment.

It’s going to cause sort of like self criticism, frustration, a sense of failure, like even guilt or even depression that, oh, my gosh, I’m not really accomplishing anything. Right. And so the difference is, is that another the other way to look at it is you look out on the horizon. But instead of comparing the horizon to your the goal that you’ve maybe the goals that you’ve reached and measure it according to the goals that you’ve reached. But you look at the goals that you’ve reached and then you turn back and you look at where you came from and you measure that and say, Wow, like, look how far I’ve come, you know? So what that kind of mindset does is it puts you in a, in a zone of success and satisfaction gives you more confidence, especially when you are maybe writing those things down, like writing down the successes and celebrating the wins that you’ve had gives you better self esteem, and then it allows you to enjoy things a lot more along the way, which is what my point is, is just enjoying something that amazing is that piece of chocolate and peanut butter and honey in the moment was just. A blessing to be able to enjoy something that much. Because, again, in the past where I was, I was striving towards this horizon and comparing it against the the goals that I had set for myself.

I was always falling short and I was never able to just be present and enjoy those things in the moment. So I think it’s a really great process to go through. However you do that, whether it be writing it in a journal or just visualizing it. But I think that not only measuring things that weigh against where you’ve come from instead of where you’re against where you’re going compared to where you are, where you want to be, compared to where you are. But measure where you’ve come from, where you are, compared to where you come from, but also taking the time and dropping in to be present with the things that are happening along the journey that can bring you so much joy because it’s really about the journey. You know, and I’ve kind of mentioned this a couple of times in the past Mindset Mondays, where if you’re not enjoying the journey, it’s not worth it. You know, whatever the the result might be that you’re striving for, if that seems like the greatest thing on Earth. But you’re you’re struggling and suffering so much along the way and you’re not enjoying the process of becoming that thing, then maybe a reassessment of what those goals are might be in order, because I’ve been there, I’ve done that, you know, and so now I enjoy the journey because I’m able to bring in so many aspects of what I love to do and what I love to and what I love to accomplish along the way.

And as we know, the landscape of lead generation is always changing, but there’s also so many different opportunities, so many different things that you can take advantage of on this journey, that it just makes it all that more enjoyable for me anyway. So that’s my mindset Mondays day keeping these pretty short, but I think you get the idea of looking out to the horizon. Take away here is to not measure the horizon against where you are, but to measure yourself where you are compared to where you came from. And that’s going to put you into a much more positive mindset overall. And then along with that is to stop. That’s why we celebrate the wins on the calls, because it gives you the moment, the opportunity to stop in the moment and to celebrate what is happening right now and to give you that optimism, to give you that confirmation and confidence along the way so that you’re going to continue to be motivated to go out and reach bigger and bigger goals along the way. So I look forward to hearing your wins on the Wednesday call. Take care. Have a great week. We’ll see you on the next one.

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