Jeff Howell: Gratitude Practice!

Gratitude Practice!

Hello everybody, how’s it going? This is Jeff coming at you with another mindset set Monday. And today I’m coming to you live from Balboa Park in San Diego. It’s an amazing, beautiful day and it’s amazing day to be grateful. So today for Mindset Monday, we are taking a little walk here in the park and we’re calling it a gratitude walk. So what we’ve done is we’ve kind of expressed the things that we’re grateful for in the moment. As I’ve mentioned before, I had a mentor who taught me about gratitude many years ago, and she starts every conversation of every day by stating exactly what you’re grateful for in the moment and by starting in a place of gratitude rather than negative, neutral or stressed, you can become 30% more productive in the results that you’re getting from whatever interaction you’re having or whatever action you’re taking in your life to forward your business, forward your life, etc.. So for me, gratitude has been an integral, integral part of my own journey through entrepreneurship. And, you know, coming from a place like this where we’ve converged here in San Diego for an amazing mastermind with some very high level coaches, and we’re going to spend the next two or three days interacting with them, hearing from them, learning from them, and finding even more tools that we can use to grow our business, to evolve in our own lives, both both personally and professionally. And so this idea of gratitude and tapping into it really from a core emotional level and again, like Neville Goddard talks about, the feeling is the secret. And when you can tap into that gratitude, you can tap into the emotion behind it, then you can project that feeling and that power of your emotion into the future and the things that you want to see brought forth in your life. So it’s amazing. Thank you guys for joining us on this journey. And I want to invite Patrick over here to kind of give a couple of thoughts about what his journey with with gratitude is. Patrick Shannon.

Hey. Yeah. So for me, it’s always it’s always about like trying to live my best life. And, you know, obviously I share a lot of the stuff that I read and that I’m learning and trying to find these masterminds all the time. And I just noticed that a lot of the a lot of people that are high performers, right. They say that success leaves clues. So when you go and you see these high performers and they have these daily practices, there’s reasons why. And I’ve kind of dove into some of the reasons, you know, when you look at like, what do you want for your life? And for me, I want to be happy. That’s like one of the most important things. So, you know, the research shows that the people that are happiest, there’s not the people that necessarily, like, have the most money, although there is that like freedom, freedom of time. And that’s that’s tied to happiness. But gratitude is one of the strongest correlates with happiness. So when I started doing this, I was like, really? Like, I’ve heard about this like morning gratitude, and it became really kind of surface level for me at first where I was like, I was I was really focused. I’m like, I’m thankful for my wife and I’m thankful for my friends and my company and my health. And I was just kind of saying it and not not feeling it. And at some point there was a transition where I was like leaning into it and really just like feeling it on a kind of deep level where I was for, for a little bit.

I’d be unaware of where I was because I was so. In touch with like Och, like why am I actually thankful for my work? What does she do? What is it about her? And like, what if I had to express that to her? What would that feel like? So doing that and starting your day that way with that feeling and then. And then something bad happens. It seems so minuscule. It seems so like, Och, like I lost to Google my business or whatever. Right. Or like having an issue with this client and the grand scheme of things. It’s such a small piece. And to our perspective on things to people can look at the same problem and one person can be irate and upset and the other person can be unfazed. And I want to be the unfazed person. I want to spend less time in those moments where my life is worse because I’m affected by something. And I know at some point I’m going to readjust. But I want that readjustment to happen instantly. And if it can’t be instantly, I want it to happen as soon as possible. So starting with this morning, gratitude stuff has it’s it’s helped me kind of be more more centered and relaxed. And, you know, I think so many people are focused on the destination rather than the journey, even though that cliche is possible. Like we hear it like, yeah, I need to do that and then we don’t do it. But creating a daily practice that kind of moves you towards that and appreciating things every day and little things that that we forget about that.

You know, if you’re in the United States and you’ve seen kind of like the state of a lot of places outside the world, like what’s going on with like Ukraine and Russia, there’s so many things that we have grateful that we don’t even consider that these people don’t have. And just kind of being in touch with that on a on a daily basis. There’s I think it’s so powerful and it’s really helped me. And, you know, other people start to feel this. And when you have that energy, you start to attract wins in ways that other people don’t. They just want to be near your energy because they feel that there’s like, this person’s really positive and passionate and there’s like something about them that I can’t put my finger on. And it comes from the root of this like of what’s inside and like your perspective and what you’re putting out to the universe. So for me, it’s been really, really powerful. You haven’t tried it. It’s not like some wacky voodoo thing and you can’t get it wrong really. Like you can improve it over time and you can’t get it perfect. So just like starting it is, I think that’s a huge win, right? And then you can just build on this and have I was doing it and one way for a while and then as I really started to like dive into it and feel it, it became a lot more powerful and it continues to kind of like build on that. So yeah, it’s been it’s meant a lot to me. I definitely recommend it to anyone that’s considering it.

Dig it for real. For real. All right, y’all. Well, that’s our gratitude practice. We’re doing this gratitude, gratitude, walk. And hopefully we’ll be able to do this every day that we’re here. We’ll be here for a few more days. So starting today, like this again, I feel like is. I mean, the science shows. That’s what my mentor told me taught me is that the science proves that starting in a place of gratitude rather than negative, neutral or stress, you’ll be 30% more productive. And that’s book by The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor Happiness Advantage. Shawn Achor Check it out. You can just check out a book summary if you want. And I know that he has the research in there. He’s a Harvard dude, so they’re very resource research oriented. So he’s done all the research for us and we can just put it into practice. So go out there, have a great week, crush it and we’ll see you on the Wednesday call.

No Wednesday call this week. Sorry. We are So we’re in San Diego leveling up. So I think I shared with you guys I joined a coaching program and we’re about at the one year mark. And I’ll tell you, it’s been the best coaching I’ve ever received. Yeah, and it is it wasn’t cheap, but what is more expensive is like staying where we are and not progressing forward. So when I look back on the ticket price, it was like such a bargain. And so but you’ve got to put in the reps and you’ve got to find the people in your life that are going to help you move forward. We actually Jeff and I, we spent this last weekend with with like 20 new entrepreneurs hearing about their businesses and helping them try to level up. And, you know, that’s that’s another thing that I’m really grateful that they’re trying to do the same thing that I’m doing. And I’ve hired this guy and we’re out here in San Diego, so we won’t be available on Wednesday because we’re going to be in a mastermind connecting with really high level people and learning and building new friendships. So we’ll be grateful for it while we’re doing it. Absolutely. 100%. Yeah. So, all right, we’ll see you guys have an awesome week. All right. Take care.

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